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Build a workout routine that helps you burn fat and improve your overall fitness

Working out is essential for your overall health. More fat, the more the disorders like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, and other heart problems. Working out becomes more difficult once you are trying to lose weight and want to be fit and healthy.

In other words: you are your own competence.


Two main things to follow for weight loss

  1. Dieting
  2. Exercise


What to have and what to avoid?


  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fruits & Vegetables


Best exercises to follow for weight loss :

1. Aerobics

Aerobic is a physical activity, which improves the health of your heart and lungs. There are many benefits of aerobics for those who practice daily. Your heart and lungs muscles become stronger, which leads to a good blood flow. Aerobics are a perfect remedy for weight loss. These exercises not only reduce your fat, but also help increase your muscular durability.

2. Jogging/ running/ walking

Losing weight requires you to burn more calories than you consume, and running can help you do so.
Running and jogging is a great option, as it burns more calories than other exercises because running involves many different muscles to work together which in return gives you the best results.

3. Skipping/jumping rope

Skipping or Jumping Rope not only helps you to lose weight but also improves your cardiovascular muscles along with stronger bones. All you need is a pair of shoes and a jumping rope. Depending on your targets and goals, you can make jumping rope your entire workout. Also, one thing to keep in mind while jumping/skipping a rope is to try to stop for 30–60 seconds to keep your heart rate up between sets.

4. Planks

The plank is a highly effective exercise. They are good for toning and strengthening your fatty areas. Planks not only       burn fat but also helps you to increase your #metabolism and improve your posture along with flexibility. One thing to check after exercise is your lower back area which sometimes gets disturbed and hurts at the end.

5. Push ups/ pull ups

The main aim of push-ups is to build strength and muscles in your body. You don’t need any equipment for push-ups. Push-ups can be very difficult in the beginning if one is trying to lose weight. The best way to master the perfect form is to keep doing them regularly. A bad form can put you at risk of getting an injury.

6. Squats

Squatting helps you to burn more calories in less time span as compared to the treadmill which in return gives you better body composition and improves your mental toughness too. Squat is much more effective exercise for building total body strength. Performing squats can help you build muscle, which allows you to burn more calories at rest.

7. Lunges

This exercise is popular for its ability to strengthen your back, hips, and legs along with losing overall body fat while improving stability and flexibility and giving you a toned shape. More likely lunges work best on the abdominal areas and back muscles. Practicing lunges daily will show you the best results in a very short time span.

8. Yoga

When it comes to weight loss, yoga is not preferred by many as an effective workout to shed kilos. Yoga helps you to burn fat in a very gentle manner. It is helpful to those who have been struggling for a long time to lose weight. All it requires is some amount of patience and ample time. If practiced daily along with a little diet plan it can lead to a great metabolism and a toned healthy body.

How often should one work out to see results?
Work out regularly to get a toned body. Preferably one should work out at least 2-3 times a week rather than once in a while.

The real workout starts when you want to stop – Ronnie Coleman

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