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Is it possible to lose fat with minimal exercise?

One question if answered well solves the problem across the globe. Is it possible to lose fat without exercise? Yes, it is very much possible to lose fat without exercise. You just need to focus on other things which lead to increasing fat.

Nowadays, everyone is facing body fat issues. They are involved in sitting jobs, or work in places that do not require much of body movement. Certainly, there are way too many distractions like junk food, delicious pastas and if not anything then the food ads appear to be so lucrative that every meal has become a giant fight against calories these days. 

Even if one wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle, the issues like daily travelling or other responsibilities do not allow us to achieve our #fitnessGoals

No need to panic! JC is here for you! JC Fitness is an online personal fitness trainer who works across countries like- the United Kingdom, USA(United States Of America), Canada, Australia and Europe. Your Fitness is now our responsibility! Hence I present to you some important points that will help you lose weight without exercise. How? Read On!


Eat healthy food:


When we talk about losing weight, healthy eating plays an important role. Key aspect in this situation becomes home-made food. What everybody does suggests but it’s difficult to follow, avoiding food from the restaurants and parties. But understanding the main essence that this food will only be responsible for your weight gain. So it’s better to adopt healthy eating.


Drink enough water:


The most important thing that everybody forgets is that the more hydrated the body is, the better fat loss it can deal with. Like I say in every #Facebook post, it is very much important for your metabolism that you take a minimum of 3 Litres of water every day.


Get enough sleep:


    Our body is just like any mobile phone. It requires rest for a minimum of 6 to 7 hours a day. Keeping your body with respect is ideal since the proper the sleep cycle is the better the health is. You would also notice that having a good sleep will make sure the next day you are not just good for work but also there would not be any food cravings.

  Staying up late at night has adversely affected your lifestyle and causes serious health problems like weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more .  


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Improve your metabolism:


A strong metabolism not just fights disease but also will help you shape yourself and have adequate gaps between your dinner and naptime. 


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Have some munch:


Don’t you worry if you are hungry between the meals, you can always go   ahead with some healthy munching activities for example fresh fruits and veggies, unsalted nuts and seeds, energy bars etc. It is the best healthy way to keep your stomach full. You can also get a trainer which helps you in your proper diet intake and if you want a personal trainer we are happy to help you find the best one for you! We are providing you the best online trainer who guides and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.


Try yoga or walking:


 Nowadays due to hectic lifestyle and increased amount of stress every body requires regular exercise and yoga to perform their best. With 15 minutes of yoga, exercise, walking or  any other way, it can be dance, it can be pilates whatever is working for you, do it boost your energy level and stay motivated.


Eat slowly:


When you eat slowly, you digest it easily. Many times people skip their meals but this is not the right way to lose weight. It will help you to decrease your consumption amount. 


Avoid having sugar:


More intake of sugar will devastate your health  and  lead to various health issues like weight gain, obesity, tooth decay, type 2 diabetes etc. Usually people consume a lot of calories through drink and beverages. You can also switch to green tea or black coffee which is more beneficial for health. Normally the body will get sugar through nuts, fruit or juice so have this to keep your sugar level normal. For more on quantative food habits read my blog on how quantative food can do wonders in your body

These all are the tips which you can follow to lose fat. If you have any doubt or query you can comment here or reach us. 

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author: JC Fitness

Jogee Chauhan is an expert online fitness coach with a vast experience of 12 years in fitness and training. Being in the fitness profession has not always been an easy path for everyone and so is with Jogee Chauhan. Despite irregular job timings, Jogee Chauhan has always been enthusiastic about his fitness and has been regular with his training. His passion for fitness made him choose the path of Personal Fitness trainer for many aspiring fitness enthusiasts. He is a certified personal trainer from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Through the years he has transformed many individuals and has helped many to achieve their fitness goals. It is his determination towards fitness and regular queries from many of his clients that has resulted in a very informative and useful blog section. All his fitness blogs and write-ups make sure to cover every aspect of many interesting topics that come to your mind when talking about fitness, health, weight loss or nutrition. So go through all his blogs and you will get all your worries answered! Happy reading!


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