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Transformation Plan (12 Weeks)

Transformation Plan (12 Weeks)

(8 customer reviews)


How much can you change your body in 12 weeks? More than you think – but only if you have three things: a good exercise plan, smart eating rules, and the right attitude to follow both with focus and determination. A combination of nutrition & workout, this plan gives you an added advantage of weekly check-ins with Jogee Chauhan

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12 weeks

8 reviews for Transformation Plan (12 Weeks)

  1. NAISHADH K (verified owner)

    Jogee sir is the best personal trainer i have ever met in my life. this i can say because i have experienced this with him. His methods of teaching are like no other and he personalizes each routine just to fit my needs. He taught me ways to change my workout and diet that i still use every day. Through this i have made significant gains in my strength and endurance…..HE IS THE BEST TRAINER

  2. KUMAR R (verified owner)

    Most people give up right before the big break comes, you got to let it hurt to get what you want! Got 2 new babies to take care of this summer #8pack 2019 Body Goals done 💪🏻 Special thanks to …wouldn’t have been possible without your efforts brother!

  3. SAHIL C (verified owner)

    I never knew I would be the one writing here.. But the person I am writing for, made me capable enough to do so.. Review won’t be the right word. Coz i think it isn’t about any service or product.. Its an experience.. a relationship , a bond we share with him.. Well, at no point he is just a professional doing his job..! He is like a father to guide you.. A mother always after your diet.. A big brother constantly supporting you.. A modern Dronacharya who listens to you carefully n then makes you listen to him as well.. I have seen good as well as bad times with him.. Harsh phases were somewhat tolerable coz he kept assuring about the coming best ones.Proud to be a JC product! Better you should change your designati

  4. ANKITA (verified owner)

    My trainer, my mentor, you not only provided me nutrition plans and rigorous personal training, but also (and more importantly) a fantastic support mechanism. You made me believe the fact that I could absolutely achieve anything I wanted to achieve. With your support, encouragement, positivity and help I finally started to believe in myself. Thanks for everything!

  5. AMIT N (verified owner)

    Still remember my journey 4 months back with jogee sir…. Just had a dream and thought will try to come close to it never knew howww… But where i m now the dream is close that i can sense it close by… All i can say from my heart that if you have decided your target the the way goes through jc fitness with mentor like jogee sir… Never had and never will be able to thank you for what u have done for me not only in fitness but the overall discipline and lifestyle in my life…. Respect respect and respect….

  6. KULDEEP (verified owner)

    A true professional and a real beast, finding a fitness enthusiast is easy today, but a professionally trained and knowledgeable is rare to find. Many thanks for transforming life’s and motivating people, always a pleasure to have you

  7. KUMAR R (verified owner)

    All of us dream of fitness, few of us set on the path. JC fitness is the place and Jogee Sir is the man who can inspire you to look at fitness as a way of life . After hopping across multiple gym and fitness centres , this is the place where i would want to stick around all through. Thanks JC fitness for ending the search and guiding the way. Looking forward to many more transformations.

  8. KANIKA DHINGRA (verified owner)

    I had always been happy with my weight that was until I moved back to India from living in Dubai for 14 years.I’ve been training with @husseyfit for about 3 months now. I’m way stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. Training with him has been a complete surprise because I was able to get results so quickly, within a month i was 5 kgs down and I can significantly see steady reduction of my over all body.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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