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Shoulder Mobility for Kettlebell Sport Athletes

Taking care of your joints to improve the lifting and balancing of your shoulder’s health is very necessary. Find out how JC Fitness helps you to provide a complete guide on shoulder mobility for kettlebells.

Shoulder joints are very complex. Physically, they are a complicated group of joints, and when they are healthy and working, they make up the most amazing and flexible piece of natural architecture.

The shoulder is made of 4 joints:

  • The Gleno-Humeral Joint
  • The Acromio-Clavicular Joint
  • The Sterno-Clavicular Joint
  • The Scapula-Thoracic Joint

When your knee swells due to over lifting or overtraining, you can scrap it up and manage to carry on with things. Similarly, when your elbow gets sprained, you can still manage somehow. But when your shoulder malfunctions, reaching out and feeling the arms is just too difficult. Even though your hand and wrist are totally fine, it becomes less effective or ineffective.

Importance of Shoulder Mobility in Kettlebell Sport

Intrusion into the shoulder for a kettlebell athlete restricts you from swings. Generally, a majority of kettlebell problems for lifters are subacromial intrusion or pinching pain in the shoulder. Poor posture, poor shoulder mobility, and overtraining without proper guidance are the major causes of the injuries.

There are several ways to increase shoulder mobility like doing kettlebell training in presence of a trainer or personal fitness trainer, using proper weight, and most importantly, maintaining the right body posture. Apart from this, various exercises and variations can be used to avoid any injury.

The Press-Up Plus

It is one of the best exercises for Scapular Mobility.

  • Start with a regular press-up position.
  • Maintain a straight body and a good frame.
  • Push right after a single-press-up.
  • While bringing the blades together and even, allow the body to go down.
  • Try imagining crushing a walnut between your shoulder blades.
  • Repeat the cycle for 6-10 reps.

1. Squat with T-band or Stick

Thoracic Mobility in any overhead position is very crucial in any sport. Working on it with a T-band or Stick can help to increase mobility.

  • Stand with the band or bar overhead.
  • Go in the squat posture while sustaining the overhead position.
  • Pause, depress your shoulder blades, squeeze the rhomboids and deepen the squat.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and get back to the start position.
  • Repeat the cycle for 7-12 reps.

2. Single-Arm Kettlebell Shoulder Press

Doing shoulder press using a barbell in both hands has a lot of benefits. But using only one arm adds to stability and balances out the shoulder strength in both arms.

  • Stand with your feet, shoulder-width apart from each other.
  • Pick up a kettlebell with one hand and hold it to your collarbone, with the palm of your other arm supporting the posture while facing your chest.
  • Brace your abs and squeeze your glutes, raise your arm straight with the kettlebell overhead.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds and lower the weight down slowly
  • Use the stretch to initiate the next rep.
  • Repeat the cycle for 10-15 reps, then switch sides.

3. Turkish Get-Up

  • Lie down on your back with your left knee bent and leg straight, with your right leg lying flat on the floor. While positioning a kettlebell to your left shoulder, hold the handle with your left hand
  • While still holding the kettlebell, use your other hand to help it move towards the center of your body and then extend your left elbow.
  • When you feel your arm is locked out, move your left shoulder to the back of the socket. Your left hand, elbow, and your shoulder should be vertically upwards.
  • While keeping a gaze fixed on the kettlebell and alignment, roll onto your right elbow.
  • Push off the ground with your right leg while still keeping your right arm straight.
  • Extending your right elbow with your right palm and lying flat on the ground, position yourself in a straight line down from the left arm which is still holding the kettlebell overhead
  • As you extend your hips towards the ceiling, push yourself off the ground with your right foot.
  • Pulling your left leg under your hips, move your right knee under your torso while making sure that your gaze is still on the kettlebell.
  • As you get your torso upright, move your body weight toward your right side. Pull your shoulder back as your right hand is off the ground and turn your arm outward. The position which you are in is the lunge position.
  • Push yourself up from the bottom lunge position using your left leg with your torso remaining vertically straight and weight centered over your hips.
  • Bring your right foot with your left, and stand up straight with your feet being shoulder-width apart and facing forward. Your left arm is still overhead straight vertically and your right arm straight horizontally out in front of you.
  • Reverse the steps to return to the ground.

Prioritize your Shoulders

The exercises mentioned above are very essential to keep your shoulder muscles and joints conditioning and fit. Spend more time stretching and mobilizing. Injuries can occur anytime, so it is important to exercise with the right posture and right weight.
The process is time taking, but the fruit of the hard work is always sweet. Adopt any technique, and follow it for a minimum of 3 months to observe the changes that are brought to your shoulders in terms of movement and mobility. Hence, prioritizing the fitness of your shoulders is the requirement of the body to keep your whole hand working smoothly.

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author: JC Fitness

Jogee Chauhan is an expert fitness professional with a vast experience of 12 years in fitness and training. Being in the fitness profession has not always been an easy path for everyone and so is with Jogee Chauhan. Despite irregular job timings, Jogee Chauhan has always been enthusiastic about his fitness and has been regular with his training. His passion for fitness made him choose the path of Personal Fitness trainer for many aspiring fitness enthusiasts. He is a certified personal trainer from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Through the years he has transformed many individuals and has helped many to achieve their fitness goals. It is his determination towards fitness and regular queries from many of his clients that has resulted in a very informative and useful blog section. All his blogs and write-ups make sure to cover every aspect of many interesting topics that come to your mind when talking about fitness, health, or nutrition. So go through all his blogs and you will get all your worries answered! Happy reading!


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