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Resistance Band for Workout

Whether you’re traveling or just spending leisure time, resistance bands are the perfect tool for carving or attuning your muscles quickly. You get results only when you do more hard work. Hence this tool is going to help you achieve the desired fitness goals easily. Resistance band provides strength, good cardiac muscles along with toned muscles. If you think bands don’t have enough power for your #strength training routine? Think again! Some bands can pack more than 136 kg of resistance!

Why to choose Resistance Bands:

  1. Can give you a complete body workout. 
  2. Modified and interesting workouts.
  3. Easy to carry and travel friendly. 
  4. Most economical resource available.
  5. Increases coordination and core engagement.

 Here, are some of the easy Resistance band workout exercises that you can do:

Band Pull Aparts

The benefits:
– Burn more calories


  1. Hold a resistance band with both hands at shoulder width and shoulder height.
  2. Keeping your arms straight pull the band in a bent motion, out past your sides. The band should come towards your chest as you pull.
  3. Pause and then return to the first position.

Banded Biceps Curls

The benefits:
– Bicep curls are a classic exercise for a reason — not always you need #dumbbells to build stronger arms


  1. Hold the resistance band in both your hands. Keep your arms at your sides and your palms must face forward. Then, step on the middle of the resistance band with one foot (or two feet, for more resistance). This is the starting position.
  2. Bend your elbows and curl the band up toward your shoulders. Pause and then lower your arms to the previous position.

Banded Push-Ups

The benefits:
– #ultimate ab exercise


  1. Curl a resistance band around your back and stretch it in such a position that the ends of the band are around your thumbs.
  2. Lower yourself in the pushup position on the floor. Your hands must be directly below your shoulders, and make sure your body should forms a straight line.
  3. Bend your elbows and lower the body towards the floor until your chest almost touches the ground. Hold for one second, then return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Banded Squats

The benefits:
Burn more calories than isolation exercises.


  1. Loop a band around your thighs but keep it  just above your knees. Keep your feet should be positioned shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent, and your hands straight out in front of you.
  2. Shift your weight onto your heels and sink down until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
  3. Pause for some time then return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

These are some of the most liked exercises! But you need to be focused to get the results.

Without commitment you’ll never start, without consistency, you’ll never finish – Callum McGuirk ! Be it London or any other place on earth!, if you want to be fit no one can stop you. 

Start your transformational journey from today itself!

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author: JC Fitness

Jogee Chauhan is an expert online fitness coach with a vast experience of 12 years in fitness and training. Being in the fitness profession has not always been an easy path for everyone and so is with Jogee Chauhan. Despite irregular job timings, Jogee Chauhan has always been enthusiastic about his fitness and has been regular with his training. His passion for fitness made him choose the path of Personal Fitness trainer for many aspiring fitness enthusiasts. He is a certified personal trainer from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Through the years he has transformed many individuals and has helped many to achieve their fitness goals. It is his determination towards fitness and regular queries from many of his clients that has resulted in a very informative and useful blog section. All his fitness blogs and write-ups make sure to cover every aspect of many interesting topics that come to your mind when talking about fitness, health, weight loss or nutrition. So go through all his blogs and you will get all your worries answered! Happy reading!


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